Bad Amy's Muscle and Joint Balm

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Bad Amy's Muscle and Joint Balm

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  • Bad Amy's Muscle and Joint Balm

Bad Amy's Muscle and Joint Balm


Bad Amy is a dear friend who makes hand dyed yarn.  Actually, her stuff is amazing. And as an avid crafter, business woman, and knitter she asked me if I could make something that would help with sore, overused muscles and joints.  And in typical Mom's fashion, I said yes! That's what Moms do, right?

Low and behold, a soothing combination of Kava and Yarrow along with skin nourishing goodness that isn't greasy and absorbs easily into the skin.  No hoopla but some serious relief within minutes.  Remember back to the days when you skinned your knee and your mom swooped you up and made it all better, it's kinda' like that.

One new user tried it on her carpal tunnel and a few minutes later looked at me and said, "What kind of witchcraft is this?"  No witchcraft.  Just some really well crafted combinations of soothing herbs, essential oils of clove and peppermint, and good organic vegan skincare.


Each batch is handcrafted and extracted with the finest organic ingredients including: Kava Root from Hawaii, Yarrow from Bulgaria and skin nourishing goodies like shea butter and coconut oil. Scented with clove and peppermint.


  • Pain Relief
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Massage


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