Tattoo Aftercare - The Organic Way

Tattoo Aftercare - The Organic Way

How you care for your tattoo matters as much as who’s doing the tattoo!

Ok, so here it is folks.  You drop a few hundred hard earned dollars on a new tattoo and then head across to your local drug store or supermarket to pick up the cheap over the counter brand to heal your new tattoo.  Here’s where I want to stop you! I get it, it’s either what you were recommended by your artist, or what you’ve always done but it’s not actually taking care of that fresh work. In fact, it’s probably doing more harm than good.

The majority of over the counter lotions are petroleum based and loaded with toxic chemicals that are never meant to enter your bloodstream.  Meaning that these are highly refined crude oil products with additional synthetics. You don’t bathe in motor-oil, right!?! So please don’t rub that in a fresh wound - yes, we’re talking wound care.  All, even the highest refined products most likely contain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). PAHs are a result of the refining process and are known carcinogens.  According to the National Institute of Health there are no safe levels of PAHs. In addition, chemicals like mineral oil and Ceresin have known links to breast cancer (even in men), because it mimics estrogen in the body (source: Made Safe). And the majority of these products are never intended to be used on open cuts. I could go on but I know no one likes getting lectured by a Mom, especially someone else’s.

There is a better way to heal.  Organic and natural skincare solutions created to aid the healing process and keep your fresh tattoo moisturized exist.  Mom’s Metta Balm is one of the few products out there that is 100% organic and handcrafted. We have a philosophy at Mom’s Metta Balm, if you can’t pronounce it and readily identify an ingredient, don’t put it in or on your body.  

What makes Mom’s Tattoo Aftercare standout? It’s the combination of continuous cleansing that happens from the first wash all the way throughout the healing process along with deeply skin nourishing goodies and essential oils that are antimicrobial and antibiotic (they just happen to smell good too!).  With Mom’s Metta Balm Aftercare you’ll notice reduced pain, tightness, itching and flaking along with a faster healing time. Every batch is handcrafted and made with love by someone’s Mom, just not yours…

Organic Tattoo Aftercare

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